October 29, 2011


Bacterium - [Info] [Demo] [Buy ($0.99)]
Influence a population of realistically-behaving bacteria to complete objectives! Bacterium blurs the line between education and gaming as it simulates the mechanisms of evolution.
(Single Player, PC)

Goat Milk - [Info] [Free Download]
Don't get milked! Run from Farmer Jerry as he looks for new sources of dairy revenue after the DJIA plunged and he lost 6% of his retirement savings.
(Single Player, PC)
 Progeny Chess - [Info] [Free Download]
A modified version of standard chess in which all the pieces have additional special abilities, adding a new layer of depth and strategy.
(Multiplayer LAN/Same Screen only, PC)

Project 87 - [Info] [Demo] [Buy ($2.99)]
A mind-bending puzzle game in which you must manipulate gravity in order to escape increasingly complicated logic problems.
(Single Player, PC)

Towelfight of the Gods - [Info] [Free Download]
You've been warped from your shower into the arena of the gods. Your arms are bananas. Fight for the favor of Pete or Quetzal and tip the scales of fate in your favor.
(Single Player, PC)