August 21, 2011

Goat Milk


Many weeks ago, the Dow Jones Industrial Average suddenly plunged by 500 points. Jerry the dairy farmer's retirement savings were destroyed, and he went into a profit-driven frenzy to recoup the loss. Searching for new sources of milk, Farmer Jerry turned to the nearest thing he could find: Barry the mountain goat.

You play as Barry the Goat. Your goal: don't get milked! All this running from Farmer Jerry makes you tired, though, so you must make the occasional stop to eat grass, goatberries, and coffee beans, all while avoiding bottomless pits, mud holes, tumbling boulders, high winds, and burning hot magma.

Goat Milk features six action-packed levels of Goatberry-munching glory.

Music generated at
Sounds made by voice and sfxr.
Created with Game Maker. Graphics and animations created using Inkscape.

Windows only. The zipped folder contains a .exe file. Extract the .exe file into its own folder -- this is where it will store your saved progress. Double-click the .exe file to begin! Controls are explained on the menu screen.

Created in under 48 hours from scratch for the Ludum Dare competition, August 2011.

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