August 8, 2011

Bacterium: The Evolution of Strategy

(Windows only)

BACTERIUM by Stoz Studios is a strategy game wherein the player influences a population of realistic bacteria to complete certain objectives. The bacteria in the game behave very closely to bacteria in the real world. They use nutrients to survive, and they must find and collect more nutrients in order to replicate. They also mutate and pass on their mutations to their offspring. The player must influence the movements of the bacteria through chemoattractants, avoiding viruses and influencing the evolution of the bacterias' population to ensure its survival.

BACTERIUM lies in the gray area between gaming and education. Unlike other media, games have the unique capability of demonstrating complex, working systems with dozens of interlocking parts, made interactive. While playing BACTERIUM, the player can witness and influence the evolutionary process and interact with the mechanisms of genetic drift and natural selection. It plays like a strategy game, but the player comes out of the experience with a much more intuitive understanding of how the evolutionary process fits together.

Music by Kevin MacLeod

Full Version Only
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  1. Complete system lockup after only about 1min of playing the demo. Seeing as data costs money in New Zealand and the download I was doing was killed after a few hours of downloading, the demo has cost me a lot more than the full version.

    Game has potential and will be good once finished. If this IS the finished game, it still needs work.

  2. Oyuna Paypal dan ödeme yaptım fakat download linkleri gelmedi.

  3. Hello,
    I think you should add some code, because virus thing isn't pretty nice to play. When i put a virus, my pc laaaags so much.

    1. And, this is some of those things you can have when you pay for that game. I payed, but not for an unfinished game. Can you make an update please? thx.

  4. I've had no technical issues and enjoy the game.

  5. The demo link is broken. I'd like to try the game as it looks amazing in the video!