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Seth Coster

An image of my face, neck, and the upper portion of my shoulders.
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My name is Seth Coster, and I am the founder of Stoz Studios, a two-man operation in Iowa City, Iowa. I founded the studio as a way to get my foot into the door of the game development industry and to expand my horizons and knowledge with regard to game design.

I've gotten a fairly solid grasp on Game Maker, which I have used to make all of my games to date (January 2012). I do just about all the graphics, artwork and environments, sound effects, and programming for Stoz Studios games. About the only thing I don't do is the music, which brings us to...

Joe Fraioli
[Composer for Progeny: Skybrawler]
Hello friends! My name is Joe Fraioli. I’m originally from Long Island, New York, but currently reside in Iowa City, Iowa. I’m a JD Candidate at the University of Iowa, but in my free time (my very, very limited free time), I compose music. I’m a classically trained musician, having played the clarinet for over a decade, as well exploring other instruments, including the oboe, alto saxophone, piano, and most recently the violin. I mostly compose orchestral music for various ensembles, mainly influenced from the late romantic, modern, and early contemporary periods, and have recently traversed into the realm of composing for video games. Progeny: SkyBrawler is the first full-length score that I am composing, though I certainly hope it is not the last!

If you would like to contact me, please email me at joe.fraioli@stozstudios.com. Please refer to the Intellectual Property page for all information regarding property rights of all music used for Progeny: SkyBrawler.

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