October 14, 2011


"I am now decidedly addicted to the game..."
Indie Game Magazine

Project 87 initiated. Logic processors stable.

Wake up and get moving! Why? Stop asking questions. That's not what you were designed to do. Now, take this energy cannon and blast those Gravity Crates... Yes, just like that. You may find that applying constant pressure to a switch activates... Right. I suppose you've got that figured out. Still, it's not as easy as -- What's that? I said stop talking. You'll just overload your frontal cortex, and then we'll have to scrap you and build a replacement. It'll set the project back by days, so just shut your yapper.

Oh, and please ignore the distant explosions. They don't concern you, probably. Just hold on to something.

WARNING: Project 87 is not for the faint of brain. Use with caution.


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