May 27, 2011

Garry's Army: DOZ-3R

DOZ-3R ("Dozer")
Aim for the weak spot?
The Dozers of the Progeny were originally built for clearing forests and doing all manner of heavy lifting. But the Progeny has been floating in space for several hundred years now, and the Dozers have just been sitting in storage, mostly forgotten. But not by Garry.

During Garry's mutiny, he dusted off a few of the Dozers and retrofitted them with modified force field generators. Although the high power cost of the force field generators essentially robbed the Dozers of most of their original functions, they do have two new abilities: short periods of invincibility, and the ability to overcharge their force field generators to emit a powerful shockwave which can known down almost anyone or anything nearby. They aren't particularly dangerous when alone, but when placed in the ranks of an army, a Dozer can disrupt enemy forces so powerfully that it can almost single-handedly turn the tide of the battle.

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