May 25, 2011

Garry's Army: B0-UNC3R v4.28

B0-UNC3R v4.28
Not as jolly as it looks.
Garry developed the first version of the B0-UNC3R as a form of sentient bomb, coated with a hyper-elastic synthetic alloy, to be dropped from aircraft. But there were too many accidents in the testing phase, during which a huge amount of Garry's military equipment was destroyed by B0-UNC3Rs that had bounced off the ground at terminal velocity and then exploded on impact with whatever they hit next.

Not one to be a quitter, Garry continued refining the B0-UNC3R until he settled on version 4.28, which oddly resembles a reclining fat man. Garry claims that this is the most aerodynamic shape possible.

Garry frequently deploys B0-UNC3Rs all over Desia for a myriad of uses, including bombardment or flushing out underground tunnels and cave systems. This latest version can even be set to only detonate on impact with certain individual targets! This is bad news for Captain Moore.

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