May 23, 2011

Character: Saphrix


Saphrix comes from the Liosse Clan of Stalkers, who dwell in the Deep Woods. Although most Stalkers work alone, the Liosse clan is one of the few organized Stalker communities on Desia. However, true to Stalker form, the Liosse Clan's community revolves entirely around teaching and learning subtlety and misdirection. Saphrix showed tremendous talent and finesse even at a young age; so much so that she caught the eye of Master Sioro, the most skilled warrior on the northern continent. Master Sioro took Saphrix in and trained her starting at age seven. Today, she is only 22 years old but is now revered as one of the most skilled blade dancers of the entire Stalker race. Rather than using the customary Stalker daggers, Saphrix developed a new fighting style using arm-mounted blades, granting free use of the hands in combat.

When the Progeny crashed to the planet's surface, Saphrix used her skills to move undetected while observing and tracking Garry's forces. She began picking off bots one by one, but Garry quickly grew tired of hunting something he could not detect, so he sent in a legion of bots to clear out the entire Deep Woods, assuming that without a thick forest to hide in, Saphrix would be left a sitting duck. She and the Liosse clan have been fighting back, but the forests are being cut deeper and deeper. Soon, Saphrix and her tribe will have nowhere to go.

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