April 9, 2011

Garry's Army: Shellbot

[SPOILER ALERT: The Shellbot description contains some elements from the Skybrawler game's story.]
Keep your distance. A really long distance.
Garry began manufacturing Shellbots as the faction war began to escalate. Captain Moore's rag-tag army of alien refugees and beaten-down Progeny crash survivors proved to be a much more potent fighting force than Garry had originally estimated. To drive back the onslaught of Moore's Army, Garry set his bots to work converting a portion of the Progeny to manufacture Shellbots.

Shellbots are equipped with dual gauss rifles for extremely long-range artillery shelling, capable of firing accurately for hundreds of miles. For short-range combat, Shellbots can fall back on their shoulder-mounted rocket salvos. These potent explosion factories also have ammunition regeneration technology, allowing them to fire almost indefinitely. The only way to shut off a Shellbot's bombardment is to destroy the Shellbot.

Once Garry had completed a vast army of Shellbots, he dispatched them across Desia, typically alongside other bots to serve as long-range support. By Garry's estimates, Captain Moore's probability of success against the oncoming tide of Shellbot bombardment is lower than 1%. But Garry has been wrong before.

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