April 10, 2011

Garry's Army: X-9001 Bombing Drone

X-9001 Bombing Drone

How do those bombs fit in there? Lots of lubrication.
Originally built as pre-colonization scouting vehicles, the X-9000 Scouter was built to carry one pilot and a large number of planetary sensors which could be quickly deployed onto a planet's surface. Garry retrofitted the X-9000 Scouters with miniaturized munitions factories, allowing them to rapidly craft and drop bombs as they flew. He replaced the pilot's cockpit with a computer, threw in a few automated sensors, and presto! The X-9001 Bombing Drone was born. The X-9001 is an integral part of Garry's arsenal, and it is frequently used to clear a path for some of the slower-moving ground bots.

The X-9001 drops Gargantuan Tri-uranium Flux Ordinance (GTFO) bombs. These massive projectiles are difficult to fight against, as they have three different modes. Some GTFOs simply explode on impact just like any normal bomb, but the GTFO can also expand and transform into a Shellbot, depending on certain calculations the bomb's internal computer makes as it descends. And better still, the GTFO may also explode into even more bombs. As Garry has always said -- or at least, as he just started saying recently -- "You can't go wrong with more bombs."

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