April 8, 2011

Creature Bio: Dredgehog

Adorably irritating!
The Dredgehogs of Desia get their name from the common dwelling they share with the Dredgers. Often found bumbling about in the dark underground tunnels of Dredger cities, these little guys subsist on a diet of dirt, rocks, and the occasional worm. Dredgehogs are infamous for hampering large-scale city excavation efforts as Dredgers tunnel new underground cities. In the early stages of any tunneling effort, Dredgehogs are often found wedged in tunneling equipment. It is because of these spiky beasts that Dredgers have given up on inflated rubber tires for their machinery; the brutally sharp spines on a Dredgehog's back will puncture even the thickest rubber.

Nevertheless, the Dredgers have learned to tolerate Dredgehogs as common pests. They make great lab rats for scientific experiments because of their rapid procreation, but they are quite dim-witted and difficult to pet, making them terrible pets.

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