August 27, 2011

Project 87: INITIATE

Big news today! First, Goat Milk has landed at the #2 top rated platformer slot -- for all time -- at the YoYoGames site. To get that slot, it had to beat out over 11,000 other games. On the one hand, I'm pretty pumped about this, since I only spent a single weekend building it. It's the first game that I've really "unleashed" on the public, so its success gives me a lot of hope for my next project, which will take way more than just a weekend to create.

Speaking of my next project, here's a first-glimpse screenshot of one of the early levels:

Click image to enlarge.

The game is called Project 87. Without giving too much away, I'll just say that it's a puzzle platformer which blends elements of Portal and VVVVVV. In Project 87, you play a small robot that is being subjected to a series of logical challenges while some overseeing figure is observing your progress (for reasons I won't yet disclose).

Bottom line: Project 87 will melt your brain into a puddle.

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