May 16, 2011

Zone: Olbion Basin

Olbion Basin

The Olbion Basin is a lush, peaceful region that has never seen war or drought. Although perfect for settlement because of its abundant plant and wildlife and its easy access to fresh water, it is a rather poor strategic outpost. No Desian race has been foolish enough to build a settlement at the bottom of this green bowl, as it is difficult to get out but easy to fire into with any sort of weaponry. In essence, the Olbion Basin is a military death trap.

The topographical difficulties in escaping the Basin are compounded by the presence of a particularly territorial tribe of Stalkers dwelling in the forests lining the rim of the Basin. Unfortunately, one lone escape pod has had the bad luck to land directly in the bottom of this deep hole. While the pod's crew have all they need to survive inside the Basin, Garry has dispatched his army to seek and destroy all of the Human escape pods, leaving this particular crew in a precarious position.

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