May 18, 2011

Character: RA1-VYN

RA1-VYN, known by the Progeny's crew as "Raivyn", was built by Dr. Coz to serve as his research assistant. Because she has no need for sleep or food, Raivyn spends 100% of her time in either the medical bay or the botanical research wing of the Progeny, setting up experiments and collecting mountains of data for Dr. Coz. Most recently, Raivyn has been beaming up alien plant specimens from the Desian surface, supplying Dr. Coz with a near-endless supply of research topics.

Raivyn is programmed with a perpetual curiosity generator. She doesn't always ask the right questions, but she certainly asks a lot of them. She has been dubbed a "smartass" by many of the Progeny's crew because of her tendency to respond to questions with still more questions. She also has an overclocked loyalty chip and a turbocharged sarcastic algorithm generator, giving her a unique personality among the bots aboard the Progeny. Unlike most of the bots, Raivyn does not answer to G-M550. She is entirely self-contained and has a perpetually-evolving security system, making her memory impossible to hack. Dr. Coz has entrusted all of his research secrets to Raivyn, knowing that they will be safe in her memory banks.

Raivyn will be accompanying Dr. Coz to the Desian surface to set up a research laboratory. Thanks to Raivyn's help, Dr. Coz has discovered some incredibly potent healing properties in some of Desia's plant species, and he intends to replicate those properties to revolutionize medical technology. Raivyn will likely be instrumental in accomplishing this daunting tast.

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