May 13, 2011

Zone: The Darklands

The Darklands
We don't go to the Darklands... Mostly because we can't.
The appropriately-named Darklands is a haven for nocturnal creatures; there is no daylight in the Darklands. The entire region is covered by a strange purple fungus which only grows in perpetual darkness. To maintain its health, the fungus grows large pustules which burst and release particles into the air which block out sunlight. As a result, the Darklands, drenched in a heavy fog that extends skyward for miles, has not seen sunlight for thousands of years. The fungal covering of the Darklands has developed an entire ecosystem around it; nearly every creature in the region entirely depends on the fungus for shelter and/or food. Much of the animal and plant life in the area have also developed bioluminescence as a means of either navigation or luring in prey, much like the anglerfish of Earth.

Only two of Desia's races care to venture into the Darklands. The Stalkers feel right at home here, as they can fade into the darkness with very little effort. And, of course, a few venturesome Berserkers wander into the area from time to time to see what kind of trouble they can get into. Very few Berserkers have managed to make it back out, however, since they simply get lost and wander aimlessly until death by either being devoured or  starvation.

Several of the Progeny's escape pods have had the unfortunate luck of crashing in the constant darkness of this zone. Luckily, Captain Moore and his team have flashlight technology, so navigating the Darklands shouldn't pose too much of a problem, although the same can't be said for the hostile wildlife in the area. But in the meantime, the crew of the escape pods have hunkered down, using the onboard lights from their escape pods to stay alive. Hopefully they can last long enough for a rescue operation.

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