March 12, 2011

Creature Bio: Eibo

New creature added to the SB: Creatures page!


Eibo (both plural and singular) are typically found in marshy regions, nesting in the foliage and traveling in large flocks. These round creatures have impeccable eyesight but lack any depth perception, which causes them to be unusually susceptible to running eye-first into obstacles. Also lacking a mouth, Eibo stick to wet areas of the world so that they can absorb their nutrients through their porous skin.

These awkward creatures are well-known throughout Desia not for their eyesight or unusual eating habits (or lack thereof); rather, they are known for their powerful and destructive defense mechanism. When threatened, Eibo tuck in their wings and dive-bomb onto whatever has attacked them. If they pick up enough speed during the fall, the impact will cause the Eibo to explode in a shower of acid, melting through most biological tissue. This counterintuitive survival tool seems to work for the Eibo, as most predators stay away and leave these flapping balls of death alone, knowing full well the consequences of a confrontation.

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