February 8, 2011

Zone: Stonefang Mountains

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Stonefang Mountains

The Stonefang Mountains are the home of the largest group of Stonefangs, and it it is the staging ground for the Stonefangs' largest military operations. In ancient times, before the Ascendants had converted to the agrarian lifestyle, the Ascendants viewed this mountain range as prime hunting ground for Stonefang meat. But once the Ascendants began farming, the gargantuan mountain in the center of the region became regarded as a sort of promised land, and it was given the name Mount "Arua," which is a contracted form of the phrase "bridge to the sky." Mount Arua provided so much vertical farmland that it could support potentially millions of Ascendants at a time. Tens of thousands of Ascendants flocked to the mountain, covering its surface with their fields. Ascendant towns and cities blotted the mountain's face for millenia.

A few generations ago, however, a massive army of Stonefangs seemed to simply emerge from nowhere. It is rumored that they had spent most of recent history living deep underground in the northern caves, developing war technology and building their numbers, but this is unlikely; the network of caves is a breeding ground for an untold number of incredibly dangerous creatures. The Stonefangs swarmed the face of the mountain like locusts, burning the Ascendants' crops and massacring any who failed to escape, using grappling hooks and various war machines to scale the mountain. Once the Ascendants had been dealt with, the Stonefangs set about converting Mount Arua from a fountain of life into a fortress of war. They blasted the mountain with explosives until they had hollowed it out, allowing only one entrance sealed with a massive stone door, and they moved all of their war machines inside.

In the decades since the uprising, the Stonefangs built defenses all throughout the region as a warning to all outsiders that this territory was now theirs. Mount Arua lost its namesake and, over time, became known as "Dianttua" which translates to "suffering giant." The once green and lush mountain range had been burned and scarred until it was nothing but an endless field of jagged rocks. The other Desian races learned to stay far away from Dianttua, although it is of little use; the Stonefang attacks mounted from Dianttua have become increasingly severe and frequent as the Stonefangs venture farther from their mountain home.

Only Stonefangs are allowed inside the mountain, and there is little more than speculation as to what the Stonefangs are building inside. Others are simply uneasy because although the Stonefangs have assembled attacks on the other races, these attacks are nothing compared to their initial massacre of the Ascendants; they seem to be biding their time; it is clear that they are planning something major inside the impenetrable walls of Dianttua, and there is very little to stop them.

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