February 7, 2011

We have liftoff: A personal thanks.

Skybrawler is now 100% funded with 48 backers and 15 days of fundraising still to go! It has been an interesting journey so far, and it will only get more amazing as each piece of the game fits into place. I've seen an outpouring of support that I never could have anticipated. I have even met a number of people along the way, including Joe Fraioli, who will be composing the music in Skybrawler. It's inspiring to see the excitement and energy that a project like this can generate in people, and I look forward to seeing that excitement build as the game progresses. I am glad to be taking you all with me on this ride.

I would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to everyone who has dug into their pockets to make this project a reality; my friends, family, and a whole crowd of people I have not met (yet). Yes, this project is ambitious, and I recognize that putting your money into a project being built by a novice indie developer is something of a risk. But I promise that I won't let you down. I can't help but polish and tweak this game until it is exactly what I envisioned from the start, because I will not accept anything less. This obsession is somewhat distracting, however; as I read case briefs and write papers for my law classes, ideas bounce back and forth in my head until I finally give in and plug away at some new game mechanic for a few hours. But I can't avoid that, and I certainly don't intend to.

I see the potential in Skybrawler, and I plan to make it into something truly great, but my time is so constrained by my studies that I can only eke out a few little tweaks and modifications each day. I have made it a priority to build something in the game each day, and I have certainly lost sleep as a result, but it has been well worth it so far. Not to worry, though; my time constraints will soon be lifted, because this summer, thanks to my devoted and generous backers, I will be developing Skybrawler full time, all day, every day. No classes, nothing to interfere with the game's progress. It looks like Skybrawler will indeed have its place at Indie Games Festival 2012.

This is the start of something big. Thank you all for making it happen.

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