January 18, 2011

Race Bio: Gluaglian

New alien race added to the SB: Races page across the top!

It's actually relatively easy being green.
Gluaglians are often referred to by the Humans as "toads" because of their appearance. But despite their looks, the Gluaglians are among the more intelligent Desian races. Their amphibious nature has allowed them to escape much of the conflict that plagues the land-based races, as they are able to simply retreat deep underwater. Although lacking any underwater breathing apparatus, Gluaglians spend most of their time underwater, relying on their tremendous lung capacity and slow-moving pulse to hold their breaths for up to twelve hours at a time. Standing only four feet tall, Gluaglians are the smallest of the Desian races. But despite their small stature and peaceful nature, Gluaglians can be incredibly brave and ferocious when forced into a violent situation. Fortunately for everyone, this is a rare occurrence.

Gluaglian communities are close-knit and small, and they tend to dwell in swamp-like areas that blur the lines between land and water and along sea coasts. Gluaglians have very little architecture to speak of, as their ability to shield themselves from the elements by living underwater has allowed them to focus their efforts elsewhere, particularly in pursuing business interests. Most Gluaglian tribes have built land-based ports where they trade with the land-dwelling races. Their insular culture has granted them the unique ability to play both sides of a conflict to their advantage, since no offended warring faction can pursue the Gluaglians down into the depths of the oceans. As a result, the Gluaglians have become savvy profiteers, seeking to turn every opportunity into cash. Coin, of course. Paper money doesn't fare well underwater.

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