January 19, 2011

Character Bio: Dan Palladian

New character added to the SB: Characters page!

Dan Palladian
When you have enough influence, a suit is no longer necessary.
Dan Palladian was born into humble beginnings on the Progeny. His family was at the bottom of the economic ladder, although Dan's early obsession with the ancient art of film production drove him to feverishly pursue his dream of directing his own movies. He started with a second-hand camera and editing software he programmed himself at the age of eight, and by the time he was in his early twenties, he was one of the eminent entertainers of the Progeny. Everyone had their place in ship's economy, and Dan had found his niche in using the power of film to keep the passengers laughing, crying, and everything in between.

Dan was a savvy businessman and a great salesman; his quick wit and snappy one-liners could force a chuckle out of even the most hard-hearted of the Progeny's populace. He eventually bought out all of the cinemas on the ship and used the proceeds to fuel his film production enterprise. Through his business contacts  he became close with nearly every major player on the ship, and even Captain Moore attended the occasional Dan Palladian romantic comedy.

Dan's true cinematic love was action movies, and as an avid martial artist, he choreographed all of his action films' fight scenes and even acted in many of them. He loved to tug at the audience's heart strings by playing a character who died heroically while sacrificing himself for a noble cause, and he always cast himself in such roles when the opportunity arose.

Through one of his "chick flicks" he met Paige Ellsworth, the lead actress. They hit it off so well that they were married before the film entered post-production. Dan has been looking forward to the upcoming colonization operation, and he has a documentary film in the works, chronicling the events leading up to the historic event. Perhaps he'll create another action movie once he arrives on the planet's surface.

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