January 17, 2011

Character Bio: Chief Engineer James Daniels

New bio for one of the heroes! Added to the SB: Characters page at the top.

Chief Engineer James Daniels
Justice has a fist. And khakis.
James Daniels became the Progeny's Chief Engineer at the age of 18, becoming the first person to master the entire workings of the ship before the age of 40, and his title has gone uncontested for the past 35 years. A quiet introvert whose mind is constantly churning with math formulas and brilliant inventions, Daniels is regularly testing out new prototypes in his large laboratory. He has such confidence in his technical expertise that he often tests his inventions on himself, sometimes with unusual results, and his fascination with the manipulation of time and gravity have led to some intriguing devices which have yet to be thoroughly tested. His most recent project is the aerial combat suit built for Captain Moore.

It's Daniels's job to keep the ship and its control computer, G-M550, humming and running smoothly, forcing it to operate at maximum efficiency so that the human race may last as long as possible while drifting through space. Or rather, that was his job -- right up until G-M550 morphed into Garry, went rogue, and shattered the entire colonization operation.

Daniels was one of the last of the crew to board the escape pods, and his pod has landed somewhere in the far north of planet Desia. If Captain Moore intends to establish any semblance of a rescue operation, he will most certainly require Daniels's assistance.


  1. Now you need someone named Scar and Zack!

  2. I don't know... he doesn't look like the kind of guy that would play name games.

  3. ACTUALLY! I think he kind of DOES!