January 30, 2011

Preview for the Week

Things are coming along nicely, despite a truckload of research to be done over the week. And my composer buddy, Joe Fraioli, has been graciously pumping out some great tunes that fit the game quite perfectly. This week I'll have the last of the Desian races posted. To give you a little preview, they are:

The Komidians make their home on the islands of Ignea, the birthplace of all Igneum stone. It is quite hot there, so you can imagine how tough these guys are.

Wandering nomads who follow herds of grazing animals, Striders are similar to the centaurs of old human fantasy stories.

Stalkers dwell in the most dense jungles of Desia. They are incredibly difficult to find, as they can fade into the shadows at will.

Stay tuned!

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