February 1, 2011

Race Bio: Komidian

New race added to the SB: Races page!

What do you mean, "hunchback"?
The Komidians are a mysterious race; they have never been seen outside Ignea, the two small islands that lie between the North and South continents. Legends hold that Ignea is the birthplace of all igneum stone, and these islands are therefore recognized the world over as a fountain of destruction. The igneum dust which coats everything on Ignea has squelched out nearly all life, save for a few unusually hardy species, as igneum has a tendency to react explosively upon contact with carbon-based organic substances and even some metals. Speculation holds that the species which survive on Ignea are not organic or carbon-based at all, but something else entirely.

The harsh environment of Ignea doesn't seem to bother the Komidians, however, who seem to thrive in the fiery wasteland. They have only been seen by the other races from afar, since no other Desians have managed to venture into Ignea without spontaneously combusting. No one knows what -- or whether -- the Komidians eat, how they fight, or even what language they speak, if they speak at all.

Because of this lack of access, the other races' perception of the Komidians is built largely around legend and superstition. The shroud of mystique surrounding the Komidians causes even the warmongering Stonefangs to cower in fear at the prospect of coming face to face with one. Some myths posit that the Komidians are living incarnations of igneum stone, cursed by some ancient misdeed so that everything they touch will conflagrate. Like all myths, though, this is little more than fantastical conjecture. Probably.

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