January 29, 2011

Creature Bio: Dune Sloth

New creature added to the SB: Creatures page!

Dune Sloth
Do not pull tail.
Dune Sloths are typically found in the deserts of Desia. They travel in packs and use both their numbers and their size as a surefire defense against predators; you will never find fewer than three Dune Sloths in the same place, and you can hear their rumbling footsteps from miles away. Standing twenty feet high at the shoulder, Dune Sloths can weigh up to 50,000 pounds; they rely on their massive legs and arms to support their body weight.

Dune Sloths are held in high regard by the Dredgers, who can always tell when a pack of Dune Sloths is wandering past above the Dredgers' underground cities. A few Dredger tribes have attempted to domesticate the Dune Sloths, but any attempts have resulted in the participants becoming pancakes. Further, Dune Sloths are incredibly difficult to hunt. Their skin is so incredibly thick that spears and conventional weapons won't penetrate it. And because they always have multiple friends nearby, it is nearly impossible to catch a Dune Sloth unguarded.

As a result, the Dune Sloths move slowly and deliberately, never having to worry about predators. Since the Progeny crash, however, large groups of Dune Sloths have been seen traveling north across the Arches of Ascendance and up to an oasis far in the north. This is unusual, in that Dune Sloths have never been known to migrate. It is possible that some new predator in the south has been disturbed by the Progeny's crash and has forced the sloths out of their ordinary habitat. Only time will tell what the cause is.

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