November 17, 2011

Progeny: Buried Alive Progress

Development of Progeny: Buried Alive is coming along great. More than any game idea I've had, I'm really excited about the story that is being told through this game. And probably unlike some of my previous games, I am taking my sweet time with this one in order to very thoroughly test it and polish it as I go. 

I've had a few "eureka" moments where some interesting game mechanic just manifested itself and begged to be implemented. The most recent one is shown below.

As you may recall from my preview video, Dan's energy pistol has two firing modes. The primary fire shoots a green projectile that deals a pretty good chunk of damage to enemies. The secondary fire is not actually an attack but is more of a utility option. It's called "Propulsion" and allows you to throw yourself in the opposite direction of where your pistol is pointing, sort of like a rocket engine.

As I began playing around with the game and testing the first level, I kept instinctively attempting to use my propulsion in order to throw projectiles back at enemies. It just felt like that's how it should work. After all, if it throws out enough thrust to make me fly through the air, why can't I also use that force to send enemy projectiles back at them? So I worked it in, and I'm happy with the results. Check out the video of the current alpha state of the game below to see it in action!

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