May 9, 2011

Zone Bio: The Flood Plains

 The Flood Plains of Marcatia

Up until recently, the Flood Plains were a central trading hub for many of the Desian races. The regular precipitation and constant sediment deposit from the many rivers flowing through have caused the Flood Plains to be some of the most fertile farmland on Desia. Even the cliffs which separate the Flood Plains from the Barren Valley are so rich that they have supported thousands of Ascendants of the Arelian Tribe for generations. The Ooreahian Dredgers, seeking to trade with the Arelians, tunneled through the cliff faces and created large cliff-face trading ports, mutually benefiting both civilizations.

The Gluagian civilization called the Goggi has also maintained a large trade presence on the western coast of the Flood Plains for thousands of generations. This constant three-way trading in the Flood Plains eventually led the three races to dub the region "Marcatia," which is an amalgamation of the Gluaglian, Ascendant, and Dredger languages that means "Land of peace and prosperity."

The opportunities of Marcatia haven't been so prevalent as of late, however. The strange red substance which began bubbling up in the Deep Woods made its way downstream and contaminated much of the fertile soil of Marcatia, killing off the region's forest and much of its plants and wildlife. Worse yet, the recent volcanic flooding of Ooreahi City in the Barren Valley has spilled out through the trade ports the Ooreahian Dredgers had tunneled into the Marcatian cliff face, incinerating a huge number of Arelian crops and causing massive damage to the land below.

Juliog Goggi, the queen of the Goggi Civilization, has offered a helping hand to a few thousand Ooreahian and Arelian refugees who have been displaced by the traumatic events.

And to top it off, a pair of escape pods from the Progeny have crashed in the middle of it all`. The Desian races, unfamiliar with the humans, have not lent a helping hand, and the humans are finding themselves surrounded by danger and with only a very slim chance of survival. They have set up camp and are attempting to make contact with other escape pods that may have crashed in nearby regions.

Meanwhile, some unusual structures have appeared at the southern portion of the zone. They appear to be harvesting the dangerous red liquid from the rivers and from underground and concentrating it into large spherical tanks. Nobody saw the structures being built; they seemed to appear almost overnight, just a few days after the Progeny crashed. It is impossible to tell what these structures are doing and why they are there.

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