May 8, 2011

Settling into Summer

Finals are over, and it's time to get cracking! I have my daily schedule ready to go for summer, and I am already in game development mode -- although yesterday I picked up my lady from the airport, and today is Mother's Day, so I don't have the whole weekend to work on Skybrawler.

In any case, I just finished another zone and another is on the way. I'll be spending most of this week fleshing out the world map and tweaking the story and dialogue before diving directly into the actual programming portion. In addition, I'll be working on learning C++. I'm using Game Maker to put Skybrawler together, and Game maker uses a programming language called GML (Game Maker Language) which is based on C++. I figure if I can get some mastery in C++, it'll help me in the long run both in terms of using Game Maker and in making games from scratch.

I plan on posting roughly every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this summer to show off whatever it is I've put together at that time. Tomorrow I'll have a new zone up, so pop back then and check it out!

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