March 5, 2011

Zone: Ignea

Howdy! I've got a new zone up for today, which will be in the Planet Desia page. (See below if you don't feel bothered to visit that page.) 


The twin islands of Ignea have been the home of the Komidians since before history began. Known as the birthplace of all Igneum stone, Ignea is easily the most dangerous region on the planet. The great mountain of Ignea, known as Hailum, constantly churns out Igneum dust, coating the entire region with the explosive substance.

The area is inhospital to all but a few forms of life, as nearly anything in the region will explode on contact with organic matter. The Komidians, however, have evolved a sort of hardened skin that somehow prevents them from suffering the ill effects of contact with Igneum, likely through some kind of chemical secretion. As the only sentient race able to live in Ignea, the Komidians maintain an extremely isolationist stance. They have everything they need on Ignea. They harvest most of their food from the sea, granting plenty of leisure time. They are free from political or power influences of the other races, as no race will enter Ignea to wage war on the Komidians. The Komidians have used their eternal state of peace to build up an advanced society replete with scholarship, advanced astronomy, and constant scientific endeavors.

They were previously spread all over both islands, but recent geological turmoil has pushed the Komidians to congregate on the southern island exclusively. Large cracks have opened up in the ground, and a sticky, toxic substance began oozing out, poisoning anything it touched. The Komidians have been frantically attempting to uncover its source and put a stop to it. If this traumatic process begins to take hold on the southern island, the Komidians may be forced off of Ignea and onto the mainland. This would disrupt their entire way of life, as they would be exposed to the other races of Desia. But fortunately, the Komidians' top scientists think they are on the verge of a breakthrough to solve the problem. Then again, perhaps no amount of knowledge can keep the ground from crumbling beneath their feet.

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