January 11, 2011

Upcoming Enemy: Cactogon

Skybrawler is a hybrid RPG Platformer, so I ought to pay some tribute to some of the better games in both genres. And by this I mean that there ought to be some kind of demonic cactus monster living in the deserts of Desia. Final Fantasy has its Cactuar:

Perpetually trapped in a Captain Morgan pose, the Cactuar is feared across the lands.
Image from gamepodunk.com. 
And Mario has its Pokeys:
Apparently not poky enough to avoid being devoured.
Image from giantbomb.com.
So in homage to these two wonderful game franchises, I will be working on a cactus monster over the next day or so, to be posted soon. Its name: the CACTOGON. Stay tuned!

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