January 12, 2011

Creature Bio: Cactogon

Is it an anthropomorphic watermelon or a cactus? Perhaps you should go in for a closer look.
The Cactogon is the subject of a large amount of scholarly debate among the human settlers of Desia. It appears to be a plant, and it is indeed capable of photosynthesis, but it also seems to have... a face. And mobile limbs. Because of its unusual plant/animal hybrid nature, the Cactogon has a wide range of problems simply surviving. Photosynthesis, although convenient, has its drawbacks: it doesn't create quite enough energy to fuel the Cactogon, even in the blazing sun of the deserts of Desia. So Cactogon tend to sleep for at least 95% of their lives. While asleep, the creature withdraws its spines in order to maximize sun exposure.

Occasionally, a daring desert traveler will attempt to sneak up on a sleeping Cactogon to slash it open and harvest its succulent veggie-meat, which most Desian races believe to make for a great stew. These attempts are more often thwarted than not, as the Cactogon has extremely sensitive hearing and will wake up at the slightest encroachment on its territory. But fortunately, this irritable monster is easily tired. One must only keep a Cactogon awake for a few minutes before it goes unconscious.

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