January 10, 2011

Stoz News + Enemy Bio: Sandamander

Stoz Studios News:
A quick update on the fundraising of Skybrawler: We are now two days into fundraising and have reached the 69% mark. That's 10% higher than yesterday! I've been doing some more recruiting and should have several more pledges by the end of the week. 42 days and 31% to go!

In other news, I just added the Sandamander (see below) to the SB: Creatures page across at the top. Check out the page to see more of the native creatures of Desia that you will encounter in Skybrawler!


When the Ascendants encountered their first Sandamander, they doubled over in laughter. The utterly ridiculous facial structure of this two-limbed reptile is enough to warrant a second glance from even the most humorless of species. But the Ascendants soon discovered that the Sandamander's enormous bottom lip hides a row of lethal, barbed spines which it can launch at speeds of upwards of 200 mph. Once it has impaled its victim, the Sandamander consumes the body whole and then burrows into the sand for several weeks to digest its large meal.

Although Ascendants have learned to avoid Sandamanders, the Stonefangs hunt Sandamanders constantly, as it is a rite of passage into manhood to return to the tribe with a Sandamander tooth around one's neck. And in the inhospitable deserts where the Stonefangs tend to dwell, Sandamanders provide bones for tools, skin for shelter, and meat for food. Wherever Sandamanders are found, rest assured that a Stonefang is close by, stalking it in the shadows.

Some races, such as the Berserkers, seek out the Sandamander for other reasons. The dangerous nature of the Sandamander has proven too much of an attraction for the risk-hungry Berserkers. It is rumored that in some of the southern regions, a tribe of Berserkers has domesticated Sandamanders, although some say that this is only a legend. Still, many a berserker has been spotted attempting to wrestle a Sandamander into a sleeper hold.

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