January 26, 2011

The Skunk Bottle Tavern

Today was a day for a bit of environmental work; I spent some time fleshing out some of the internal regions of the Progeny.

The Progeny was designed with efficiency in mind, of course, but it's important to also keep sanity in mind. And if there's one thing that has always gotten people through life's rollercoasters of insanity, it's booze.

The Skunk Bottle Tavern is a small business operated just adjacent to the Progeny Commons, and it's a favorite hangout spot for many of the ship's passengers and crew. The alcohol is in limited supply, of course, since the resources required to produce it are rationed, but that doesn't stop the patrons from having a good time.

And even better, daytime and nighttime don't exist when you're floating through space... which means happy hour is every hour. Drink up!

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