January 27, 2011

Botanical Research; New Race Tomorrow

I spent today tweaking the Skunk Bottle Tavern and pondering the bartender's story. It will certainly be an intriguing one. And in the meantime, the Botanical Research Wing of the Progeny has gone under construction! This sector of the ship has become increasingly important in the past few days as the ship has orbited Desia. The planet surface scans have revealed a wide array of never-before-seen plant life with unusual properties, and the head botanist, with the help of her research assistant, has taken it upon herself to clone some of the alien plants in her lab. A few curious young scientists, as well as the head of the medical wing, Dr. Coz, have been poking around the specimens, attempting to determine any potential uses for them.

Are those edible?
After a day of grooming the botanical research wing of the Progeny, I am quite spent. Tomorrow will be the unveiling of another of Desia's alien races. Or is it that humans are the aliens? I guess it's a matter of perspective.

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