January 23, 2011

Race Bio: Stonefang

New race added to the SB: Races page!

Now with 100% more eyeballs! Mouth not included.
The Stonefangs were once believed to be wild pack animals; the Ascendants, Dredgers, and Striders hunted the Stonefangs for sport and food. But after thousands of years of persecution, the Stonefangs have finally become organized. Countless generations of living on the edge of extinction have caused the Stonefangs to become culturally insular and warmongering. For the past two generations, the Stonefangs have managed to organize their numbers and wage war on those who have tormented them for so long.

Their attacks are strategic, and their behavior bears a strong resemblance to a hierarchical military organization. Taking this into account, the other Desian races have realized -- albeit too late -- that the Stonefangs are indeed quite intelligent and self-aware. Their goals are set on eradicating those who have pushed them to the brink of extinction, and no amount of negotiation or bargaining can convince them to give up their relentless assaults. Their desire for revenge is so complete that the Stonefangs have no economy, currency, or laws; their entire existence is aimed at vengeance.

The Stonefangs' penchant for destruction has caused a wave of stories and legends to spread like wildfire across Desia. This is how the Stonefangs became known as the Stonefangs; one staple of good legends is their liberal embellishment of the facts. Such embellishments have caused many Desians to believe that Stonefangs possess enormous mouths filled with fangs made of splintered stone. Stonefangs do not have mouths, of course, but the name seems to have stuck.

Fortunately for the other races, there are very few tribes of Stonefangs left. And further, the Stonefangs tend to dwell in relatively inhospitable areas, as these regions of the world are the safest from attack. Naturally, this living arrangement leads the Stonefangs to regular conflicts with the Berserkers, but such conflicts typically arise out of the Berserkers' needs to engage danger, as opposed to any age-old revenge motives. However, recent scouting reports from some of the major Desian tribes have revealed that the Stonefangs are rapidly growing in numbers and are learning to construct large weapons of war. If the reports are true, the Desians, Ascendants, and Striders may be in serious trouble.

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