January 24, 2011

Race Bio: Ascendant

New race added to the SB: Races page!

Climbing trees is not a recommended means of escape.
The Ascendants are among the oldest known races of Desia. Much stronger than their close cousins, the Channelers and the Stalkers, Ascendants have been relegated to the most mountainous regions of Desia for most of history. Their superior upper body strength and abundance of grasping limbs, paired with their gecko-like padded palms, grant Ascendants incredible agility when scaling high barriers. As a result of their physical capabilities, the Ascendant tribes tend to make their homes in the faces of cliffs, as it is difficult to find a location safer from attack. And with the recent uprising of the Stonefangs, in which the Ascendants are a primary target, cliff dwelling has never seemed more appealing.

Ascendants have also developed extremely strong skeletons over time; this may be due to evolutionary pressures selecting only those which survived the occasional long fall. A typical ascendant can fall between 150 to 200 feet and catch itself on its four arms without succumbing to much more than a bruise.

Historically, before they had migrated to dwell in the cliffs, Ascendants hunted Stonefangs and other ground-dwelling creatures. Most Ascendant tribes are agrarian, growing vertical fields of hardy, rock-dwelling plants all up and and down the faces of Desia's cliffs. The largest agricultural Ascendant communities lie along the several-thousand-foot-high cliffs of the southern edge of the Overlook Plateau. The agrarian Ascendant tribes tend to be peaceful and highly intelligent, as their farming grants them time to pursue exploration and scientific endeavors.

Still, though, a few fringe Ascendant tribes subscribe to a transient, nomadic culture, following sparsely populated flocks of birds that nest in the cliff faces. These tribes tend to be much more warlike and aggressive, likely due to the violent pursuit of their prey.


  1. There had better be an Ascendant boxing fiend in this game. SO MANY GLOVES.

  2. Naturally, these fellows will be punching things quadridextrously. No need to worry about that! But I have a firm stance against gloves unless they are made of steel.