January 14, 2011

Race Bio: Dredger

Nose not well suited for eating ants.
Dredgers are short and stout Desians, and are very difficult to defeat in combat because of their heavily armored bodies. Dredgers' affinity for machinery has caused them to migrate toward the desert regions where large oil reserves can be found, and most Dredger colonies have moved deep underground where the oil is the most accessible. Dredgers are ingenious engineers and tend to prize efficiency, but their isolationist nature gives them a lack of interest in interaction with the other races on Desia. Their technology has therefore been kept largely under wraps (and underground), and the other Desian races have not managed to achieve such feats of engineering.

Although preferring to say in the safety of their underground cities, many Dredger colonies have been forced from their homes by the recent Stonefang uprising. As a result, the normally nonviolent creatures have been pushed into direct warfare with the Stonefangs as they are forced to migrate into unfamiliar territory. 

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