January 14, 2011

15% to go + New races page!

Skybrawler is now 85% funded with still 39 days left! I spent some time this afternoon plastering epic posters up in coffee shops and grocery stores with the hope (and fully reasonable expectation) that elderly folks will walk by and say, "VIDEO GAMES? I SHALL PLEDGE MONEY!" I'm expecting a huge wad of cash to come rolling in any minute now.

In other news, the bird nest has been cleared from my fireplace. That's not code for anything; there was a bird nest in my fireplace. And I know you animal rights activists are out there saying, "BUT WHAT ABOUT THEIR HOME??!?" Well, they should have known better than to build their home on top of something which ejects flames. That's just a bad life decision all around.

And even more importantly, I'll be putting up a new information page which will document all of the alien races of Desia! The first race to have its home on the page will be the Dredgers. Brace yourself.

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