November 15, 2010

Skybrawler: THE TALE

The Skybrawler Game Design Document is coming along nicely, and I've worked in a summary of the overall story arc in the game. It doesn't give away too much about the awesomeness you will discover within, but it does give a general sense of the main events you'll see in-game.
You play as Lionel Moore, captain of the space colonizing ship called Progeny. The crew and passengers of the Progeny are all that remains of the human race, and the ship has been drifting in space for hundreds of years. Early in the game, the crew is preparing to colonize the planet Desia when the ship is overtaken by its hyper-intelligent and extremely bored control computer, who renames itself "Garry." Garry sabotages the crew's attempts to colonize planet Desia by opening all of the airlocks on the ship and then, shortly after, simultaneously ejecting all of the ship's escape pods, along with whoever managed to get inside them. During the scuffle, you manage to destroy much of Progeny's hardware, causing the ship to fall out of orbit and crash-land on the surface of Desia on a large island continent, with a very angry -- yet somewhat entertained -- Garry trapped inside.
You must escape the falling ship before it crashes and get safely to the surface of Desia. Once there, your first task is to find the scattered escape pods to rescue the survivors and set up a base camp. The colonizing operation must continue. As you travel around the surface of the planet, looking for survivors, you encounter hostile life forms at every turn. For assistance and protection you must befriend and seek the aid of the various alien races you discover. But Garry, for little more than his own enjoyment, has begun playing a "game" with the Desian races. He has converted much of the crashed Progeny into a munitions factory and has dispatched an army of freshly constructed Bots, which is now advancing across the surface of Desia, destroying everything in its path. It seems that Garry aims to conquer the planet.
To save the colonizing operation and the rest of the planet from Garry's twisted game, you must gather your survivors and new alien allies to mount an assault on the Progeny. It won't be easy. Garry has been studying human behavior for hundreds of years and knows the full history of every military operation in the history of mankind, and he has instant information streaming from every one of his bots, who are completely loyal to his every command. But if you can destroy Garry and his army, the Desian races will be grateful and will protect your colony, granting humanity a second chance to flourish and prosper. Hopefully.
This is roughly how the final version of the story will unfold. Stay tuned for more updates!


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