November 13, 2010

Skybrawler On Hold

My current independent game project, Skybrawler, is on hold for a while. As I have developed the game, my initial design ideas have slowly mutated into something quite different than the original plan. So rather than grinding away without an end goal in mind, I've discovered that I need to take a step back and come up with a game plan (heh).

I am now working on a new iteration of the Game Design Document (GDD) -- I think this is the fifth iteration. The foundational idea behind the game has been evolving for about 18 months now, but now that I am actually putting the design into action, some elements are clearly not feasible, and other interesting mechanics have arisen that I had not considered earlier. The changes are big enough that I'm starting the new GDD over from scratch.

I plan on finishing the GDD within a month, and it should run about 70-100 pages. When I get back to actual development, I'll keep you all updated with a piping hot set of patch notes every now and then!

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