December 24, 2011


Aloha, gangsters and gangstresses!

My apologies for the sparse posts of current. I have been residing in India for the past month and will be here for another month more, and for many resulting reasons my game development time has been a bit more constricted than usual. Also, I have grown addicted to Reddit, which is apparently a black hole for my brain.

HOWEVER, I have been hard at work hashing out new game ideas as well as finishing old ones. Buried Alive has undergone some major overhauls. First and foremost, I got frankly SICK AND TIRED of writing boring dialogue. Despite the fact that the game is about a man trapped in an underground cave who wants nothing in life but to rescue his wife, which I admit is a serious topic, I had for some reason made a conscious effort to suppress my urge to write goofy dialogue. Well, NO MORE.

Note: Yes, this scene depicts a wife trying to get her husband back instead of the other way around. I'm not concerned with such technicalities.

I went back and rewrote every single sentence of dialogue, and I am happy to say that the result is... interesting. Now, interesting can mean "great" or it can mean "horrible." I'm not concerned with matters of preference; what's important here is that the dialogue is not boring.

I want to ensure that this beast is as shiny and slick as possible with the right amount of polish and gusto, so I am holding off on announcing any kind of release date. Like a wizard, Buried Alive will arrive precisely when it means to.


  1. Progeny looks good. What're you using to make it? And by the way, great attitude - "Buried Alive will arrive precisely when it means to". I often miss my own deadlines due to that last-minute relentless "it could be better" feeling.

  2. And LOL, interesting inversion - Girl-saves-Boy instead of the traditional thing, which we've had all the way from Donkey Kong :P

  3. Using Game Maker! I haven't delved into 3D stuff just yet, though I intend to shortly after I finish with Buried Alive. Probably Unity or somesuch.

  4. A fellow Game Maker developer? :D
    Add me on if you;re on YYG!