July 10, 2011

Saint Louis Game Jam: SUCCESS!

I'm sitting right now at the Saint Louis Game Jam, and we just submitted our entry.

This was probably the coolest weekend of my life. I met some interesting people, and then joined with those interesting people to make an awesome game -- in 24 hours total -- called Lanturn. In Lanturn, you play as a princess who is traveling through a dangerous, magical forest. The princess's only companion is Lanturn, a magical lantern that can manipulate time.

Lanturn is a 2D platformer, but instead of controlling the princess, you control the Lanturn in her hand. She travels through the level on her own volition, and you must use Lanturn to prevent projectiles from hitting her by speeding them up or slowing them down.

I'll post a video blog about it tomorrow, but here's a link to the Game Jam page for Lanturn. You can download it and play it through that link. We have the first two levels totally finished, and the third is done but not fully tested.

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