June 30, 2011

Midweek Update: Alpha 0.0.3 tomorrow!

I'll be releasing the next build, Alpha 0.0.3, tomorrow. I've got tons of big changes coming, particularly with the interface. Here are some of the highlights:
  • A new level, "Overlook Tundra," which is the last level of the Overlook Plateau.
  • A much more easy-to-understand interface when it comes to taking damage, picking up health, and picking up resources.
  • A pause button!
  • A variable main menu screen, which changes based on how far you have gotten on your most progressed save.
  • Punches cause less recoil, allowing you to avoid bouncing to your death much easier.
  • Your punches become more powerful as you defeat more enemies. It is a small effect in the short-term but accumulates to a large effect over the entire game.
  • You have a "combat rating" which is tied to your "combat score." Both of these things are based on your kills at each difficulty level and your overall deaths.
  • The Daniels Industries shop now has prices. The prices are reduced depending on your combat rating.
And a bunch of other shenanigans. To see the full patch notes, check the forums. In other news, I've been shopping around for animators, and I very well may have found one! Always moving forward.

Testers: Keep an eye on your email either tonight or tomorrow for the next alpha build!

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