June 20, 2011

Level: The Hive

Just southeast of Jamestown, on the Overlook Plateau, there is a vast, underground network of tunnels. Within these tunnels lies the Dive Worm Queen, hatching thousands of eggs every day. The Dive Worm menace started as a simple nuisance. Nobody could determine where they were coming from, but they seemed to grow more numerous day by day. Over centuries, the weaker creatures of the Overlook Plateau were weeded out as they were carried off and wrapped in coccoons, buried deep underground in this vast hive, soon to become snacks. And today, there are almost no animals left but the Dive Worms and their insectoid cousins, all constantly streaming out of the Hive.

James Daniels chose a location just northwest of the Hive as a "safe haven" for the Jamestown outpost. Of course, it is anything but. Daniels thinks his turrets will hold off the swarms of Dive Worms, but each one that falls from the sky is replaced by three more. As long as the Queen and her hive persist, the Overlook Plateau is firmly in the hands of the Dive Worms, and Jamestown will never be secure.

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