February 3, 2011

Updated Environment: Overlook Plateau

Today I finally sat down and rebuilt the Overlook Plateau environment from the ground up. I changed the grass so that it's no longer that goofy-looking, grid-like astroturf; now we've got a nice, smooth, genuine, grassy surface to roll around on. You may also notice in the background that there are no more awkward, jagged lines resembling "mountains" in the background. Say hello to actual mountains!

[Click the image to enlarge]
Mountain man, ready for action.
I also managed to come up with a completely revolutionary idea that has probably never been done before in the history of game development. That's right: I added clouds.

Thanks for protecting my delicate skin from the sun, clouds!
The clouds are in two layers so the smaller ones drift across the background at a slower pace, so it gives a nice depth feel. I'm pretty pleased with the whole scene overall! If you feel inspired, let me know what you think in the comments.

1 comment:

  1. CLOUDS!?

    My mind has been blown to beautiful smithereens.

    I really like this cosmetic overhaul.