February 17, 2011

Self-Healing: Heal bomb!

I was scratching my head over a way for Captain Moore to heal himself in case he gets in a pinch. There have been times when I've been testing combat against various enemies where I've gotten a bit overwhelmed and had to quickly flee out of combat, only to find that I only have a tiny sliver of health left and no way to get it back. This can cause a big problem, because some of the enemies in Skybrawler take a number of hits before they go down, and if you take damage at all during that time, you may lose that last little ounce of health and go kaput.

So I've introduced the Healing Bomb into the game. It works pretty well so far.

Chase it!
It takes 100% of your energy to use it, and it restores 25% of your health. This means that you can't just indiscriminately throw these little suckers around during combat, or you'll lose your ability to fight for a short duration while your energy recharges. So it's best used as one of those patching-yourself-up tools after a big fight. There will also be times later in the game where you'll have to assist friendly NPCs as they fight off armies of baddies, which means this healing tool will come in quite handy as the story progresses.

As you can see in the top right, the Healing Bomb sits at Numpad 7. The top row of the Numpad will primarily be comprised of "utility" abilities which aren't specifically combat-related but will help in some way. I won't give the other two utility abilities away yet, so you'll just have to keep an eye out!

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