February 15, 2011

Race Bio: Stalker

New race added to the SB: Races page! This is the last of the Desian races to be featured in Skybrawler.

Ambidextrous? Nah, he's just very determined.
The Stalkers of Desia dwell primarily in the heavily-forested regions of the planet. Their name comes from the means by which they tend to hunt and fight; they stick to the shadows and excel at being unseen. This may not be apparent by the light of their bio-luminescent, glowing eyes or their choice of weapons, but rest assured that despite these unusual features, a stalker will see you before you see it. Some speculate that their stealth prowess is a result of carefully-placed camouflage warpaint, but this assertion is somewhat absurd. In truth, nobody understands how Stalkers manage to dissolve from sight the way they do.

Lacking any real political affiliations with the other Desian races, the Stalkers keep to themselves and don't tread on others' business. The Stalkers spend most of their time in solitude, perfecting their hunting skills and stealth capabilities, and they lack any semblance of a political structure even within their own culture.

The Stalkers' history is cloaked in the shadows. Nobody knows where they came from, and they have never left behind any written records of their activities. Although Stalkers live all over Desia, they are just as mysterious as the Komidians, and the other races can do little more than spin stories and legends about them.

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