February 12, 2011


I'm working on a new mechanic to put into the game. I haven't integrated it into the UI as prettily as I would like, but it's functional, which is what matters at this stage. It's a gauge that shows the energy of your suit, and each of your abilities uses energy. Energy recharges constantly and at a pretty good rate, but it does push the player to choose a bit as to how they use their abilities. For example, sprint makes your energy decrease slowly, rather than regenerate. If you punch while sprinting, it takes a chunk out of your energy, and your sprint gets cut short, because you can't sprint without energy!

This makes the gameplay a bit more interesting. Before, I only had cooldowns attached to each skill. Now, I can reduce the cooldowns and let the player choose how they want to spend their suit's resources. It gives the player quite a bit more control over the gameplay.

All I need to do now is tweak some of the energy costs of things, and, of course, pretty up the UI!

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