January 6, 2011

Zone Work: Searing Sands

One of the challenges in creating the story for Skybrawler is that, like many epic stories, it is comprised of a multitude of small stories. In the game, the player will be able to bypass a lot of content at his discretion and make a run for the final level, but there will also be a huge volume of side-quests and zones to explore. Each zone has its own story arc, and each of those story arcs supports a larger story.

I have sketches of the overall story completed, but I need to dig in and get down to details with all of the smaller stories. I'm now finishing the story of the zone to the east of Overlook Plateau: the Searing Sands. It is a white-hot desert where the Dredgers live, and the Dredgers are locked in warfare with the Stonefangs from the east. Ascendants dwell in the mountains along the southern edge of the Searing Sands as well, so the potential for conflict between the three races is certainly present. I don't want to give too much away from the story, so I won't. But I will have a zone bio ready in a short time regarding the Searing Sands on the Desia page.

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