January 21, 2011

Race Bio: Berserker

New race added to the SB: Races page!

You're not technically naked if you have a sword.
The Berserkers of Desia are quite unlike their timid ancestors from ages past. Although they began humbly as the small and meek "Tareans" from the far southwestern region of Desia, a few unusual cultural trends have forced a sort of unnatural selection in the Tareans, causing them to become known as Berserkers. Namely, the females of the Berserker race will only mate with males who repeatedly prove their strength, skill, and toughness through a lifelong series of self-imposed tests. The more dangerous, the better.

The Berserkers have settled in only the least hospitable regions of Desia. Poisonous wildlife? You'll find a Berserker nearby, preparing to catch it. Boiling lava pits? A Berserker has swam in them. Jagged cliffs? A Berserker has climbed them. If something seems as though it would kill you, a Berskerker has probably attempted to catch, eat, tame, or ride it.

The only acceptable weapon for a Berserker is the Berserkers' signature Igneum Blade. Berserkers learn at a young age the art of coating their swords with Igneum, forging lethal weapons that cause chemical reactions akin to small explosions on contact with organic matter. The blades are incredibly dangerous to use, as one small error could lead to the Berserker causing himself to explode instead. But no other known weapon is risky enough to suit the Berserkers' tastes.

Although warfare provides many opportunities for a Berserker to prove his insanity, Berserkers rarely seek out wars; the politics involved can become far too tedious. Further, the environments of Desia provide plenty of risks as it is; inciting violence from a foreign faction is simply inefficient when there are Sandamanders in your back yard.

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